Special Friend for Show & Tell


Let it Snow

Trip to the Dance Studio!

The children really enjoyed our field trip to the PULSE dance studio this week!


Beads are enjoyed by both girls and boys, while also being a wonderful practice of fine motor skills, math and patterns!

Winter Wonderland

We enjoyed this week’s snowfall both inside and outside!

Winter Project

The end product of our Amaryllis bulb planting, they turned out beautifully!

Gingerbread Houses

This year, we switched from little gingerbread houses to extra large, and fun was had by all in the decorating process, including our Before & After School Care children!

Observing Nature

On the way to school, one of our classmates noticed a wasp nest on the ground and brought it to school. It was a great opportunity for all of the children to observe it with a magnifying class!

From Puck to Flower

We began the planting of our Amaryllis that begins in the shape of a hockey puck and blooms to a beautiful flower!