Choose from five of our exciting weeks in our preschool. Our programs are 1.5 hours long, and they are filled with challenge and wonder for children. The cost for the program is $50 per week per child (7.5 hours of fun learning per week).

Time 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM


JULY 9, 2012 – JULY 13, 2012

Your children will enjoy the simple miracles around us. While they are discovering simple things in their life, they will improve their fine motor skills, expend their vocabulary, learn math, chemistry, and physics without even knowing it. They will learn to work like real scientists, to be careful, to concentrate, and to observe.


JULY 16, 2012 – JULY 20, 2012

Getting messy is the biggest excitement of childhood. Young children are sensorial and they absolutely love to get messy. They do not have to do it in your house. Let them come to our preschool and do just that, get messy!They will paint with their feet and hands, with water balloons, spray bottles and much more.


JULY 23, 2012 – JULY 27, 2012

In this week children will meet Missy Milk, Bobby Brad and Cereal, Peppy Protein, Freddy Fruit, as well as Sneaky Snack, and they will learn how food effects their lives in a fun way. Also, they will participate in kitchen science.


JULY 30, 2012 – AUGUST 3, 2012

Let your children discover shades of colors. By mixing colors they can make new colors and feel like magicians. They will be able to make different colors of paint and make pictures with them.


AUGUST 13 – AUGUST 17, 2012

How simple things like water can change so many times and so many different ways. It can be a liquid, as well as a solid. Then we can change it back to a liquid again. Water can evaporate and disappear. We can make rain and we can stop it as well. Let your children discover all wonders of water.


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