Our preschool will be offering a summer program again this year. We have four weeks available and you have many options to register your child if you choose to.

Programs are July 22nd through August 16th, 2013. All Programs are 2 and a half hours, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.



July 22-July 26 

Children will have fun hunting for treasures, making pirates hats, patches, boats and ships. And of course, we wouldn’t forget princesses, kings and crowns. Stories and songs are also an important part of the fun.



July 29-August 2

Every day focuses on a different color in this week full of discoveries. Children can all wear the color of the day (Monday-Blue, Tuesday-Yellow, Wednesday-Green, Thursday-Red, Friday-Purple). They will discover how we can mix the colors to make new ones. They can make colors of their choice for their paintings. And we will continue to have fun with yoga, songs, music, dance and stories.



August 5-August 9

Every child wants to help in the kitchen. This is an exciting week of kitchen science, food making and food art that your child does not want to miss. While having fun, they will learn which food makes them grow and which does not.






August 12 – August 16

This is the kind of art you do not want them to do at home, so you sign them up for a week at the preschool! They can paint with their feet, hands, elbows and heads. We will use all different materials to encourage children to express themselves in an important way. Creative art is not a craft, but a language for young children. The less words they know, the more they have to use different languages to express themselves. It is important to use different parts of the body for painting, since the more children move, the more they learn.





One week             $ 90

3 days a week      $ 70   

2 days a week      $ 50

1 day a week        $ 30



2 weeks 5 days a week               $ 170

3 weeks 5 days a week               $ 250

4 weeks 5 days a week               $ 320


2 weeks 3 days a week               $ 130

3 weeks 3 days a week               $ 200

4 weeks 3 days a week               $ 250


2 weeks 2 days a week               $ 90

3 weeks 2 days a week               $ 130

4 weeks 2 days a week               $ 170         


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