Happy Summer!

Today Burke Mountain Preschool had a final wrap up gathering at Lions Park. Wishing everyone a happy summer!

The Graduates!

And just like that, they have graduated! Good luck to those heading off to kindergarten, and I look forward to continue working with the returning students at Burke Mountain Preschool. Such a wonderful school year it has been!

Very Special Little Seeds

“A little seed, for me to sow

  A little soil to make it grow;

     A little sun, a little shower,

       A little wait—

         And then, the flower!”

Just like the words of the song, some of these children joined Burke Mountain Preschool as very special little seeds—some less than three years old! Then, with a little sun (and a little shower) they grew into such intelligent and beautiful flowers. The graduates are more than ready to take on Kindergarten, and will surely be missed here at preschool.

Congratulations everyone, a job well done!


Raspberries For Snack!

You would never think to enjoy a raspberry snack in this way!


In comparison to modern art galleries, it’s impossible to tell that this is the work of 3, 4, and 5 year olds. This was done without any instructions or examples, only the work of their imagination.

Annual Farm Field Trip

On our annual field trip to Aldor Acres Farm, we learned that this farm holds summer camps for children ages 5-14. It will surely be an unforgettable camp experience!

Wall Painting!

We all contributed to the improvement of the preschool entrance by partaking in a large art project!



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Our Builders


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