Parent Participation at BMP

One of our lovely preschool moms came and shared a story about Chinese New Year tradition, as well as bringing a Lion puppet to spread lucky money to the kids. We are so grateful for such active participants as a part of our preschool community, and oh so lucky!


Creating Our Own Dragon


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Breakfast in PJ’s!


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Egg Update!

This week, we were once again able to have a closer look at our eggs, completely seeing the outline of the embryonic sacs that the chicks have been growing in. They should be hatching next week!

Girl Power!


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In preparation for Chinese New Year, we began painting our firework pictures. They are looking fantastic!


Oxygen for Life

As our chicks are evolving in their shells, we are also discussing what life essentials are, including breathing oxygen. We used a candle light experiment to demonstrate this, which the children were so immersed in. They requested that the experiment be shown many time over!

Egg Project Progress

We were able to have a look inside our hatching eggs this week, seeing in outermost veins of the embryonic sac. The children cannot wait for the eggs to hatch!