What a Field Trip!

Thanks to our BMP parent police officer who not only educated the children on all things safety related, but also demonstrated some cool gear that was a big hit with the children. A great experience for all!


Fresh Snow Fun!

Freshly fallen snow always gives us an opportunity for science (inside the school and out!), along with a whole lot of fun!

An Extra Hour of Fun!

Our added hour in the three day morning class if full of games, learning and fun. It has been a hit with the children from the start!

Contents of our Creek

A few weeks ago we put some leaves in a net under a rock in our neighbourhood creek, hoping to find some moving critters in there when we checked back. Mission accomplished, but the trek was tiring!

Lunar New Year Celebrations!

We had a wonderful Lunar New Year celebration thanks to a former BMP mom who brought a storytelling dragon to share about the new year. More exciting for the children was when the dragon gave each of them a lucky red envelope with a treat!

Solid to Liquid

We first mixed corn starch with water, followed by the children wondering what would occur if we added a few drops of food colouring to the mix. We left the food colouring corn starch mix until our next day of school, and this was the result!

Nature Walk Adventures

We had beautiful weather this week for some forest exploration!