Our Messy Painters

They sure have a lot of fun!


Hammering Away

We enjoyed the hammering of pegs into pumpkins so much that we first removed them from the pumpkins, and created a similar activity!


We took advantage of this snowy weather and had the chance to see some crystals up close!

Light Table Magic

When blocks are simply moved from an ordinary table to the light table, they become a whole new activity for children.

Making Cream

During play with the moon flour (ice cream is what it became), Brianna asked if she could make some cream. She asked for very specific ingredients: oil, pepper, flour, milk and sugar. She didn’t quite make cream, but she sure had a lot of fun!


Moon Flour

We enjoyed making it, but it was even more fun to play with it!

We Found Mud!

It wasn’t difficult after this rain, but it was REALLY fun!