Creativity With Colour

Fall is a great time to experiment with colours!


A Visitor at Preschool

One of our former students came to visit on her Pro D Day and read a book to our Mon/Wed/Fri class. This was her idea that she asked to take part in, and as teachers it was wonderful to see a child who began in a place where “a love of learning begins here” is the motto doing so well in her academic journey!

Sound Discovery

Big Fort, Small City

Upcycling Before Recycling

Our idea for this final month of the school year was to bring recyclable materials to the preschool in place of toys, letting each child’s creative imagination run wild.

We had no idea how many benefits this would have. Besides being lots of fun, the children have gained skills such as problem-solving, creativity, curiosity and so much more. We look forward to the adventures to come these next few weeks!

Growing Butterflies

Water Science on a Rainy Day

Not Poker!

Imaginative Creations