Water Science on a Rainy Day


Not Poker!

Imaginative Creations

Spectacular Science!

When the weather doesn’t cooperate, we spend our days figuring out how things work, such as:

-why ducks don’t get wet as they swim across ponds

-how heavy air is

-why a candle loses its flame when we cover it with a jar

-how many drops of water we are able to put on a quarter

-how to place a cup containing a piece of paper into water and keep the paper dry

Easter Egg Hunt!

Sneaky Snack!

The end of nutrition period ended with some marshmallow fun!

Learning About Food is Fun!

Making ice cream, separating egg yolks from whites with a water bottle, switching from liquid to solid (egg whites to whipped cream), all wonderful kitchen science related learning activities!

Enthusiastic Bakers!

Fresh Snow Fun!

Freshly fallen snow always gives us an opportunity for science (inside the school and out!), along with a whole lot of fun!