Exploring Peppy Protein!

Our creations included tuna salad, egg salad, along with eggshell art

Our Adventures with Food Continue!

We made butter and marshmallow goop with the children in our Before and After school care program, and our preschool children enjoyed the liquid to solid transformation making whipped cream!

We also made banana milk, a raspberry chocolate milkshake, cocoa, lemonade, fruit smoothies, and cheese!

Sneaky Snack!

The end of nutrition period ended with some marshmallow fun!

Freddie Fruits and Veggies!

We finished our nutrition course here at the preschool with our friend Freddie Fruits and Vegetables. We did this in various ways, such as making art with fruits & veggies, cooking applesauce, making carrots and lemon, eating some lemons (then turning them into lemonade for improved taste!), and finally planting some veggies in the garden that we will check on after Spring Break!

Learning About Food is Fun!

Making ice cream, separating egg yolks from whites with a water bottle, switching from liquid to solid (egg whites to whipped cream), all wonderful kitchen science related learning activities!

Enthusiastic Bakers!

Old Enough to Make our own Snack!

Fresh Bread for Lunch

CHEF CAMP: DAY 5 – The End!

Our Chef Camp has come to an end, and boy did we ever have a good time. We ended the week off with Waffles topped with Blueberry Syrup, and a green smoothie on the side. Nutritious and Delicious, just the way we like it!


Blueberry Muffins and some refreshing Lemonade on another hot summer day!