Bringing the Inside Out

The children enjoyed their music time with scarves so much and requested to bring them to the park. They used them to decorate the whole park!

Winter Wonderland

We enjoyed this week’s snowfall both inside and outside!

Teddy Bear Picnic

I Love Mud!

Annual Sports Day 2019!

Growing Butterflies

Field Trip to the Hatchery

Water Walk 2019

As a registered WE School, we do an annual Water Walk in support of providing clean water for those living in rural areas of our sponsor country, Kenya. This year, our preschool was able to raise $1684, providing clean water for an entire village ($1250) plus 17 other people ($25/pp) with clean water for life. This allows the children in these villages to attend school instead of making several trips back and forth to carry water home for their families. Thank you to all of those who contributed!

Pink Shirt Day

We had a surprise thanks to our wonderful BMP mom, with LOTS of pink in support of anti-bullying efforts!

Fresh Snow Fun!

Freshly fallen snow always gives us an opportunity for science (inside the school and out!), along with a whole lot of fun!