Egg Project Progress

We were able to have a look inside our hatching eggs this week, seeing in outermost veins of the embryonic sac. The children cannot wait for the eggs to hatch!


Dance Party


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Innovative Pumpkin Decorating!


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Make a Face!

What an inspiring book for our imagination! We had lots of fun making all kinds of different faces.

BMP Celebrating Chinese New Year

At Burke Mountain Preschool in Coquitlam, we are very fortunate to have moms at the preschool who are of Chinese descent, allowing us to have many cultural and enriching experiences, especially at this time of year!



Another mom from our preschool brought a beautiful craft for the children to make. This craft idea was centred around the Chinese character of the fish, which is a homophone for the character of ‘surplus and prosperity.’ We are so lucky to have such great moms, along with the traditions that they pass along!

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