Alphabet Soup

Our new literacy table is a big hit with the children!


I Can Paint!



From Book To Art

The children were very excited this week about the endless possibilities of creation through just three simple shapes. We got our inspiration from a book and transformed it into our own art project!

Oxygen for Life

As our chicks are evolving in their shells, we are also discussing what life essentials are, including breathing oxygen. We used a candle light experiment to demonstrate this, which the children were so immersed in. They requested that the experiment be shown many time over!


“Take it if you are cold, Merry Christmas.” -a note left on each of the scarves tied to the trees of Lions Park.

Many thanks to all of our very generous preschool parents for donating gear to keep the less fortunate warm this Christmas season.


For all of those who despise driving in these conditions, at least these little guys get a whole lot of joy out of it!


Dance Party


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Light Table Magic

When blocks are simply moved from an ordinary table to the light table, they become a whole new activity for children.