In comparison to modern art galleries, it’s impossible to tell that this is the work of 3, 4, and 5 year olds. This was done without any instructions or examples, only the work of their imagination.


Wall Painting!

We all contributed to the improvement of the preschool entrance by partaking in a large art project!

Our Builders


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Learning Inspired By Show & Tell

Children learn a lot about the magic of shadows and even make shadow shows for each other.

Rainbow in a Cup

Teaching density at preschool doesn’t make sense unless it’s a lot of fun and it looks beautiful!

Marshmallows as Building Blocks

IMG_3248 IMG_3253

How Do I Feel?

I can show you in my drawings.

IMG_3097 IMG_3110

Need Red Food Coloring?

You can make it with your children using beets!

IMG_3039 IMG_3041