“We decided to register our boys at Burke Mountain Preschool after both my husband and I had toured the school and spoke at length with Danika about the needs of our boys.  Danika impressed us with her extensive knowledge and passion for early childhood education and her warm and kind personality.  The boys instantly took a liking to her and activities she had planned for them.

From the first day of school our boys enjoyed their class, new friends and teacher Danika.  We immediately noticed them becoming more confident, outgoing and inquisitive.  My personal favorite, is the boys having a weekly opportunity to do show and tell. (Which we feel is an incredible life skill that is not often enough developed in children!)
When we drop them off in the morning, the boys are excited to see what Danika has in store for the day ahead.  When we return to pick them up at the end of the day, they are always happy and excited to tell us all about what they learned and did that day.
Overall, our experience at Burke Mountain Preschool has been wonderful!  We have many wonderful things to say about Danika and her teaching style, and would highly recommend her school to all parents who want to see their children flourish in both mind and spirit!”
~Kendal and Simon Shaw~
“My daughter has been at Burke Mountain Preschool since September and LOVES going to school! Danica encourages the children to be independent learners, and values their creativity and curiosity. My child has learned so much this year, and has had a great time doing it. Danica’s passion for teaching is evident, and I would recommend Burke Mountain Preschool to anyone.”
“My daughter’s experience at Burke Mountain Preschool, couldn’t have been better. This was her first year in preschool and her first experience in an English speaking environment. I’ve seen how she started speaking her first English words and gets better by the day. She goes happy every day and gets very upset when she can’t attend, what better sign that she is in the right place, than her own happiness!
We’ll be moving out of the province, and one of the most heartbreaking things will be that Burke Mountain Preschool and Teacher Danica, will be a 1000 miles away.
For sure, Jimena started her school years with the “right foot”!!”
“I came across Danica and Burke Mountain Preschool the minute my son Matthew turned 3. It was this past January and I was looking to register for September, but Danica was so kind to inform me since Matt had turned 3 he could start preschool right away. I was concerned as he was born a preemie, the youngest of 3 kids and at 3 was barely speaking.  Danica reassured me he would be fine, and I am so glad I listened to my gut upon meeting Danica.  After a short 4 months, Matt is speaking sentences around his sisters, and acknowledges letters in the alphabet, can count to 10 and LOVES going to “my school”, as he calls it.  Everyday is a wonderful new experience for Matthew to explore and learn, there are days where I want to stay and see what Danica has in store for the kids.  My 2 older children beg me to go to their brothers school as well!  I feel so blessed to have found Danica. Matthew and I look forward to the next 2 years in preparing Matt for Kindergarten.  I know he is going to be more than ready!”
~Shelley Verbeek~

1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. Tiago arrived to Canada in the summer and started Preschool in September. By that time, he only knew a few simple words in English and refused to talk, because he wasn’t comfortable with the language and the huge change in his life. Although, since the first day of school, there was not a single day where he wanted to stay home and miss school.
    Four months later, he could communicate perfectly in English with Teacher Danica, his friends at school and with the kids in the park. Now, he is speaking all the time!
    When I drop him in the morning, he goes straight to the activity table where Teacher Danica has all the material prepared. He is always very excited to participate in the activities which are different and very interesting every day. And that ensures that the kids learn and have fun at the same time.
    In such a short period of time, he has developed self-confidence, respect for others, curiosity, creativity, responsibility and finally learned that he must always wait for his turn.
    Teacher Danica is an excellent professional and a very good person, too. Tiago loves her and respects her very much. I’m very happy I found this school and recommend Teacher Danica and Burke Mountain Preschool to anyone.

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